Systema at UVic

Systema in Victoria, BC

Join us every every Thursday 19:00 - 20:30 at CARSA TRX Studio Registration details HERE 

What to expect:
Systema has no strict rules or rigid structure. All training is based on instinctive reaction, individual strengths and best performed while relaxed and aware. It is therefore the general focus of each class to first erase unnecessary tension in the body and mind.
Systema techniques are not learned by rote memorization but through an in-depth study of natural body movements and reactions. Over a period of time, each student becomes comfortable navigating their bodies in a variety of situations and techniques become a side-effect of proper movement.
Since the "real world" presents potentially an infinite number of different threat situations, the ultimate goal is to be flexible, aware, and relaxed enough to work properly within any given context.
Benefits of Systema training include:
-- Combat & Self Defense Readiness
-- Health & Fitness
-- Instinctive Response
-- No Memorization
-- Self-Confidence
No experience necessary.
Systema Twins

Kwan Lee


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