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Система Москва


Единоборства древней Руси


Russian Martial Art

Система Торонто

March 31 - Apr 1, 2018
Train to Prevail seminar in Victoria with Yuri Minski. Yuri has been training Systema directly with Vladimir Vasiliev since 2012 and is one of the instructors at Systema Toronto HQ team. 
Приглашаем вас на семинар "Не числом, а умением" под руководством Юрия Минского. Юрий занимается по СИСТЕМЕ у Владимира Васильева с 2012 года и является одним из инструкторов в центре Системы Торонто.
Что изучаем
Day 1 - study yourself
Day 2 - study others
Topics include:
- Getting stronger physically and psychologically
- Controlling your emotions
- Recognizing your own fears and limitations
- Developing awareness of your body, healing your body
- Developing awareness of your environment
- Controlling situation
- Controlling your opponent
- Working against multiple opponents
- Knife disarming
Appropriate for new and experienced, ages 18 and up only
Time: 12:00 - 18:00 on March 31 & 9:00 - 15:00 on April 1 - * tentative *
Location: CARSA Movement Studio, CARSA Building, Saanich, BC V8P 5C2  Map HERE
Training Fee: $300 by PayPal / $290 in person
Thank you to Vikes Recreation for supporting this event. Student discount is available.
Equipment: Training knife, indoor shoes
Photo / Video
Photographing by participants is allowed / Filming is NOT.
Learn to prevail in any confrontation: empty hand and weapon attacks, single and multiple opponents.
For more information training(at) or follow on Facebook HERE
Yuri Minski
Seminar Registration

Full weekend - $300

For more information contact Yuri: training(at) or follow on Facebook HERE